30 July 2009

Will the gay-basher in chief have a Coors beer to discuss his assault on LGBT rights?

For the 100th time, I do not share many of my LGBT comrades in my advocacy for "Gay Marriage." But as long as our civil society assigns a myriad of rights and privileges based on this useless institution, it cannot be closed to part of the population because of their sexual orientation.

It's a simple matter of equity. We deny rights and privileges to people based on due process (murderers deprived of liberty by courts of law) or age (voting age is 18 for the whole of the population). There is no racial, gender, class tests to having equal rights.

But apparently you must be a heterosexual to enjoy the rights assigned to the marriage bed.

Opponents to LGBT marriage continue to cite and lean on the Bible and Christianity, which have nothing to do with each other since the Bible and its holy folk are Jewish. Christianity has had its day in the sun, bloodied every corner of the earth, and is fading not fast enough along with the moral authority of the Western experiment (remember Gandhi's famous reply about Western civilization?).

President Barack Obama did not get my vote. Ralph Nader did. I declared my suspicion of Obama from the outset and was wrong only that he would get as far as he did, the highest office in the country.

But now in high office, he seems to have taken the Blue Pill and has back stabbed the anti-war supporters who backed him, is ready to abandon the public health care option, and dumped the LGBT community.

In the last, the Obama Administration continues Don't Ask Don't tell, and, last month, backs the Defense of Marriage Act in court. He didn't have to do this, but he did. Making Obama a gay basher in chief. Yes, that what he is, and that is exactly what my LGBT peer what call George W Bush if he made such a discriminatory move.

My more politic, LGBT comrades will certainly be more discrete, say they are disappointed but will continue to Hope and leave open the doors of dialogue.

James Baldwin defended the militant activity of the Black Panthers - an activity he himself found distasteful - noting that one can petition and petition and petition but at some point one becomes only a beggar.
And this is what the LGBT Establishment is quite satisfied being: beggars at the gate, name-dropping their personal relationships and connections, and betraying the majority of their community.

The beggar on 7th/Pacfic Coast Highway here in Long Beach, CA., who waves to me everyday does not confuse me with a personal relationship or a contact. I am just a guy in a car who waves back.

The beggars can only hope that Obama will have second thoughts and invite the LGBT establishment and some gay bashers to the White House for a Coors beer, which all indications would be the beer of choice for this bigot.

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